Hi, my name is Alissa and I am currently a junior at Las Lomas High School, welcome to my blog! At this point in my life, as a writer I am taking a creative writing class and working to improve my stories and essays. I specifically enjoy writing and reading short stories and poems with rhyme schemes. I dislike stories that are hard to comprehend like Shakespeare and I also don’t like writing things like the Ten Ways poem. My strengths as a writer include, always having something to say and rhyming in poems. I have many weaknesses in writing, like always getting off topic, getting too wordy, and my stories not making sense. I always struggled at writing, so I took this class in hopes to fix that. When writing, I naturally start writing memoirs because it’s easy to come up with an old idea, and when you do, the whole story is already planned out for you. I think writing fictional pieces with no guidelines or starting point stretches me as a writer to dig deep and add details. I have learned that I can write if I try hard enough, I can reach down and find enough details and clean up the extra words. Writing is super important because I need to be able to write essays for my other classes and I may need it for jobs in the future, but overall it has a huge role in my life. In the future I would like to be a nurse, so my ability to write essays may not be super important but tools for writing other things, like reports, will come in handy. This creative writing class has helped my writing a bunch and has been lots of fun throughout the whole year.



New Cat, New Gig

I chose this as my piece of playwright because it was the only one I wrote that is long enough. The original assignment was to write a play at least 500 words long on basically anything we wanted. I wanted my piece to accomplish being written well enough to be performed. The thing I like most about this piece is that it has aspects in it just like a sitcom you see on TV, which is pretty cool. I think this shows that as a writer I have a wide range of what I can do, I can write anything from poetry to a play to a short story. If I could go back and change one thing I would make the conflict more noticeable, it was supposed to be the cat being rescued and the commercial but it just isn’t that clear. 


Anthony- lives with Claire and Nicole, ladies man. Failing up and coming actor that is very funny. He’s in his upper twenties, super poor, doesn’t make enough money to live on own so he takes Claire and Nicole’s food and personal stuff all the time.

Claire- super smart, in mid-twenties. Works at a law firm and makes most money out of friends. She has known Nicole since high school and secretly likes Anthony. She’s shy but outgoing when you get to know her. Allergic to animals but Nicole always brings them home.

Nicole- super dumb and an airhead, works at a pet store. Always tries taking animals back into the apartment but always has to return them to pet store. Doesn’t have a her license but always drives anyway. She’s nice and caring, mid twenties.

Alex- he is just Anthony’s partner in the commercial (not important)

Director- he is only in it to direct the commercial. He is strict but outgoing and always down for a change. Has lots of experience with Crangrape and directing. ________________________________________________________________



ANTHONY walks through front door.

CLAIRE and NICOLE are sitting on couch talking. TV on in background.



I did it guys! I’m going to be famous.


Let me guess, you walked in the back of a news report again?



No, not this time…. I got a gig for a commercial!



Are you serious? What’s the commercial going to be?

ANTHONY is walking toward the couch and stops in front of the girls.



Get this…CRANGRAPE!!!  You know, the juice company!!  

CLAIRE stands up in shock and grabs ANTHONY by the shoulders.



No way! Anthony that’s amazing I’m so proud of you! When do you start?

ANTHONY lightly pushes CLAIRE off of him.



You see, that’s the thing… tomorrow I get the script and start recording. I wanted to know if you would go with me?

CLAIRE and NICOLE look at each other and back at ANTHONY.



Of course we’ll go!!


Oh sweet! I thought since it was such short notice you guys wouldn’t be able to make! We leave at 8 AM!

ANTHONY walks to the kitchen and CLAIRE and NICOLE follow.


I’m so proud of you Anthony! Maybe this will be your big break.

ANTHONY starts pouring himself a bowl of cereal as NICOLE leans against the counter.

CLAIRE goes into refrigerator and looks for something to drink.


I hope so, they just called to-

ANTHONY is cut off by the sound of meowing.



Nicole!! Not again!

NICOLE looks around like she doesn’t know what’s going on, ANTHONY and CLAIRE start looking for where the meowing is coming from.


Nicole, you know we can’t have cats in the apartment! You need to stop doing this.



You guys I actually don’t where it’s coming from! I didn’t bring a cat home..


We’re not going to believe that, just get the cat and bring it back down to the pet shop.


I’m serious. I have no clue where it’s coming from! I didn’t bring this one home.

The three look around trying to follow the meows. They all end up at the vent on the wall.


No way I’m going in there. You guys got any ideas?



Someone climb in there and get it!


NO! Nicole get some of the cat food you brought home and we’ll lure it out.

NICOLE runs and gets the cat food and gives it to CLAIRE. She places it at end of vent. They wait and the cat finally comes and CLAIRE pulls it out.


(low tone)

Can we please keep it?

ANTHONY and CLAIRE look at each other a while and shrug.


Maybe we can keep it until we find it a home

They all pet the cat for a little while. ANTHONY stands up and starts walking away. 


Well, I’m going to go to bed, we have a big day tomorrow

They all get up and head off to bed.

Scene 2


All three are sitting at wooden table eating breakfast. Table is cleared except their plates.


You ready for you big day, Anthony?


Yeah, a little nervous though. Let’s get going, I can’t be late.


Ok, let me get the cat!

They walk out the door and head down the stairs.  

Scene 3


There are trailers outside and people walking around. Open, green area.

Loud, a bunch of people talking at once.

The three of them walk up, ANTHONY in front. He walks up to a lady with a clipboard.


Hello, my names Anthony, I’m here to act for the Crangrape commercial.


Hi Anthony… all checked in, thank you! Head on over to trailer one and they’ll get you ready.

ANTHONY walks off to the trailer labeled “TRAILOR ONE”, he walks in. The DIRECTOR immediately sees him and tosses him a packet.


Here’s your script. It’s super short so we assume you’re capable of getting it down pretty quick. You can read it over as they get you ready.



Um, thank you..

ANTHONY reads his script as they get his outfit ready and do his makeup and hair. ANTHONY walks out and waves to CLAIRE and NICOLE, who are standing outside the trailer.


Good luck!!

ANTHONY follows the DIRECTOR and his acting partner, ALEX to where the set will be filmed.


Anthony you will stand here and Alex you will be right next to him. The plan is for you guys to be be standing in the buckets of cranberries and grapes, you’ll stomp around in them and say your lines, sound good?




Camera points at NICOLE and CLAIRE who are giggling to themselves.



This is going to be so good!

Camera points back at the set being filmed. DIRECTOR begins filming.


Ok guys, let’s get started. Action!

ALEX and ANTHONY are stomping in the buckets and saying their lines.


What’s nutritious and delicious?


Crangrape, of course.

DIRECTOR jumps in front of camera.



Cut, cut, cut! You have to sound more enthusiastic and confident. You’ve got to sell the product well, c’mon…. Action!


What’s nutritious and delicious?


Crangrape, of course!


Made from real cranberries and grapes, with no added sugars!


Ocean Spray’s biggest hit yet, try it for yourself and taste the


ANTHONY steps on the edge of the bucket and it tips causing him to fall forward.


(trying to act serious)

100% real juice! Find it in any of your local grocery stores!

DIRECTOR runs on screen and helps ANTHONY up.


That was awesome! Loved the ending Anthony! We’ve got to figure out how to incorporate that in the commercial.


Well, I didn’t actually mean to do that. I say we leave it out…


You’re good to go Anthony, thanks for helping. We’ll mail your paycheck to you, check the website tonight for the commercial, it’ll be aired on TV later in the week too.


Ok thank you, sounds good.

NICOLE, ANTHONY, and CLAIRE walk towards the car.


That was embarrassing.



You did great Anthony!


Yeah, I agree.

They get into the car and drive off. 

Scene 4


The three of them are sitting at the table with the laptop in the middle of them. Table is completely cleared besides the laptop.

It’s quiet except for the keyboard clicking as ANTHONY types.

ANTHONY turns on the previously filmed Crangrape commercial… it plays and he watches till he falls in the commercial.


(embarrassed, shouting)

No! This is humiliating, people won’t be able to stop talking about this. Now I’ll never get an acting job!


Anthony it’s fine, people don’t care, they’ll just laugh and get over it. No one will not hire because of this!



And maybe it goes viral and you get famous! That’d be cool. I’m  really seeing no downside to this!

ANTHONY stands up out of chair and paces around the table.



No downside?! Are you kidding? It’s all a downside, everyone is going to make fun of me!

The cat comes running in and meows.



Even the cat is making fun of me!

ANTHONY runs out the door, slamming it behind him. CLAIRE and NICOLE just stare at each other and laugh as soon as he leaves.

End scene.


Opposites Playwright

I chose this as my humorous piece because if you know the characters it’s funny. The original assignment was to pick two fictional or non-fictional characters that are opposites of each other, and write a short play with them. I wanted this piece to accomplish the characters keeping their personalities but also allow the story to make sense and carry on. The thing I like most about the piece is that the characters are both doing something they would normally be doing despite being together. This shows that as a writer I can incorporate two scenarios and combine them to make one story. If I could change one thing about this playwright I would change how Ferb leaves and make it more interesting. 

Ferb wonders up to Spongebob’s house


FERB: I’m Ferb from the Tristate Area. My brother and I built a submarine rollercoaster and I ended up here.

SPONGEBOB: Oh… awesome! I was just on my way to get Patrick and go jellyfish hunting, wanna come?

FERB: Sure.

SPONGEBOB: I’ll go find my extra net! It’s Squidwards’, but for some reason he never wants to go with me.

Spongebob runs through into his house, camera stays on Ferb

SPONGEBOB: Hi Garry! – OW *falling noise* – *hear him throwing things around* Got it!

Spongebob walks out with the net and hands it to Ferb

SPONGEBOB: Here you go! Let’s go catch some jellyfish! HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA

Spongebob is running and jumping, Ferb is behind him walking. Ferb gets a phone call…


FERB: Hmm, that was weird.

SPONGEBOB: C’mon! Don’t you know how to catch jellyfish? All you gotta do is this…

He jumps around with his net and catches a jellyfish, singing LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA

SPONGEBOB: See, just like that!

Ferb lifts his net and and jumps

SPONGEBOB: Maybe jellyfish catching isn’t your thing, let’s go to the Krusty Krab and get a krabby patty, that sounds good!


They walk to Krusty Krab, Spongebob singing the whole time, they walk in.

SPONGEBOB: Hey Squidward!! We’ll take two Krabby Patties! C’mon Ferb let’s go sit down.

FERB: I think I should be heading home.

SPONGEBOB: No! You can’t leave, at least wait for you krabby patty!

Spongebob runs to the back and makes two Krabby Patties! He runs back out and hands one to Ferb

FERB: Yum, thank you Spongebob.

Ferb gets up and starts walking out, Spongebob follows

SPONGEBOB: Goodbye Ferb!!! I’ll miss you so much. You’re such an amazing friend, come back whenever you want!

Ferb turns around and waves, Spongebob is waving too. He walks back to the submarine

FERB: What a weird boy.

Ferb goes off in submarine


Allie’s Big Performance

I chose this fictional story as one of my wild cards because it was a fun assignment to complete. The original assignment was to write a children’s book for a child we were assigned. We met the kid once and got as much information as we could, then we got to writing. I wanted this piece to accomplish making the kid I gave it to happy. The thing I like most about this piece is that I actually created a book for a real kid… and the kid liked it! This goes to show that as a writer I can create a story based off of a persons likes and dislikes. If I could go back and revise one more time I would change the ending and make it less awkward, it doesn’t go together as well as I’d hoped. 

    There once was a beautiful young girl named Aly. Aly was 6 years old and loved ballet and skiing. She was super sweet and so brave, she was willing to take on any challenge.

     One day in early March, Aly and her family went up to their house in Truckee, California, so they could go snow skiing. Sadly, Aly had broken her arm just days before, so she had to figure out what she could do instead.

     When they arrived in Truckee, Aly’s family immediately went skiing and left her with a boring babysitter. She tried to think of what to do… All she could come up with was to read her book Ivy and Bean, and to play Mouse Trap and Geometry Dash, her two favorite games.

     But nothing could keep her entertained because she was too bored and couldn’t stop thinking about how badly she wanted to go skiing.

     Then, all of a sudden, Aly heard a helicopter, except this helicopter sounded awfully close. She looked outside her window and noticed that it landed right next to her house!

     As she sat and watched it land, a young familiar looking lady walked out. It was Taylor Swift, her favorite musician!

     Taylor walked up and knocked on her door. After answering it in shock, Aly stood there in awe.

     Taylor said, “Are you Aly?!”

     All Aly could mutter was, “Yes…” 

     Taylor immediately replied, “Great! Aly, I need your help. My backup dancer got hurt and I need you to dance at the Warriors halftime show with me! I heard you were the best ballerina out there and I was wondering if you could help me out and dance?”

     Aly excitedly jumped up and said, “Yes I would love to!”

      The two left in the helicopter and soon arrived outside the Warriors stadium. In the helicopter, Taylor tried teaching Aly the routine, it was long and confusing but she knew she could do it.

     After the first half, the Warriors were down 59-47. Taylor and Aly walked to the center of the court. Taylor then said, “Ok Aly, we got this, the Warriors need us to pump them up!”

     The music started and Aly leaped around and did the splits and the crowd watched in amazement! Thankfully for Aly, she was so smart and such a quick learner, she picked up the new routine and executed it with ease.

     She had an amazing performance and even Taylor was surprised by her moves.

     After Aly’s incredible routine she walked down to the players and gave them a little pep talk.

     She said, “Let’s go boys, finish up the game strong and give it your best shot.” The game went on and they started playing much better thanks to Aly.

     At the end of the game the Warriors won 98-83, and Aly’s sister Katie, her brother Parker, and her mom and dad came and surprised her with their cute dog, Douglas.

     She was so happy her family got to see her perform. She also got to meet all the players on the team and perform with Taylor Swift!

     She went home and had spaghetti with pizza on the side to celebrate!

     Later that night Taylor called and said, “Thank you so much for performing with me!      You were so amazing, even better than what I had expected! If you ever want to come perform with me again, you’re welcome to!”

   Aly replied, “Thanks for choosing me to help, I would love to perform with you again!” And with that she had herself a deal with Taylor Swift!

     After that conversation she got another phone call.

     She listened, “Hello?”

    “Hi Aly, it’s Steve Kerr, the manager for the Warriors. I just wanted to call and thank you for your amazing half time performance. I think you deserve court side tickets for the rest of the season so you and your family can come out and support the team, they really liked you!” said the man on the phone.

     Aly replied, “Thank you so much, I would love the tickets!”

     And with that she had herself courtside tickets for her and her family.

     After a long, fun day, Aly got into bed and thought to herself, “Wow what an incredible day!

The End

Reaching for the Memories

I chose my Reaching for the Memories as one of my wild cards because it tells the reader something about myself. The original assignment was to pick three prompts and write about them. We were supposed to keep them decently short but still pack them with detail. I wanted this piece to accomplish showing who I am as a person and not as much a writer. The thing I like most about this piece is that it tells stories of my past and present in such a little amount of writing. This shows that as a writer I can express my thoughts and tell a story within a small amount of writing. If I could go back and change one thing it would be change my second story to a more interesting time of me driving; I can drive now, but I have plenty of good stories from when I was learning.   

#2 (A scene featuring you and your pet)

     One time when my dad came to check my sister and me out at Keyspot he brought our new puppy Scout. Scout still hadn’t had all of his shots so my dad was carrying him as I showed off my new pup to my friends. We made our way around the daycare and finally got to my best friend Kiki; Kiki was in love with Scout and didn’t want to stop petting him. After about five minutes of petting Kiki looked up and asked me and my dad how old he was, as soon as I replied back we looked down at Scout who was enjoying Kiki’s afternoon snack, a bagel. Immediately my father tugged at the leash and picked scout back up off of the crafts table as he yelled at him, “BAD DOG!! THAT”S A BAD BOY!” After the harsh disciplinary action of my father, Scout let out a little whimper and never even looked back at the bagel he had started to eat. Shortly after we all looked at each other laughing and joked around to Kiki about how I guess you can’t leave a bagel near a puppy…obviously.

Word count: 194


  #3 (An incident that happened when you were learning to drive)

     When I was fourteen I was jealous that my sister could drive, and I was losing patience waiting for my permit appointment. After many different attempts to convince my mom to let me drive she finally came up with a deal; since I’m clearly not a morning person, she said that if I got up at eight AM then we could go to Las Lomas and drive. With no trouble at all, I got up the next Saturday at eight AM sharp and waved her keys in her face saying, “ready?” She drove to Las Lomas and parked it right in the middle of a lane, we got out and switched seats, I looked at the wheel and pressed the gas pedal. It made a loud whewww sound and I realized I had to put it in drive first. After asking how to take it out of park my mom said, “the pedals are sensitive, just get used to the gas and the break before you go anywhere.” Doing as I was told I attempted pulsing the gas and the break, and let me tell you, it was a lot more sensitive than she had stated. A single tap of the gas and my tires burned out and the car leaped from its original starting point. As I tried to recover with the breaks I lightly pressed the sole of my foot to the pedal and we were tossed around our seats, the car had jerked itself to a complete stop. This went on for many more minutes until I almost ran into the cement wall and my mom agreed that we would try again another day. I would like to add that I have learned to drive and am reliable now!!! Knock on wood…

Word count: 295

#4 (What you were doing at 5:00 PM yesterday)

     Yesterday at 5:00 PM my sister and I were trying to get ready for my Grandparents and Aunt to come for Mother’s Day dinner. We were trying to bake a cake with custard and strawberries in the middle and fondant frosting on top. We had taken our cakes out of the oven, which were a little burnt on top, and working on the custard. We had been cooking our custard for about fifteen minutes wondering why it wasn’t thickening like the instructions said it would, we had finally given up and taken it off the heat, accepting the fact that the custard belonged in the trash and it wasn’t going to thicken. My sister was defeated and told me I needed to go to the store and go buy custard before I ruined the cake. I was refusing to give up however, I decided we were going to try the custard again but with a different recipe. Thankful for my tenacity, we finished the second attempt of custard with the perfect consistency, something we didn’t get out the first recipe. We assembled our cake and later ate it for dessert, it might not of been the best cake i’ve ever eaten but it was the thought that mattered.

Word count: 209

Bill Rewrite

I chose to put this fictional piece in as a wild card because of it’s interesting idea. The original assignment was to read the “Bill” story and write it from a different characters point of view. I chose for my story to be told from the daughters perspective. I wanted this piece to accomplish executing the daughters emotions through her side of the story. The thing I like most about this piece is that you can compare it to Bill’s side and see two completely different explanations and emotions. I think this shows that as a writer I can create emotions to fit a character and the situation. If I could revise this one more time I would include more of the dads’ actions to back up her emotions. 

     I was six years old when my father starting acting weird. Since I knew nothing of his time-consuming disease I thought that I was doing something wrong. He would never kiss me, not even goodnight, and I seemed to see him less and less. His coughing would keep me up at night so I would just sit in bed and think: I would contemplate all the wrong I had done that could possibly be causing this dismal separation.

     Since I was so young I didn’t know what depression really was, but I know now that I was sinking deeper into it knowing something was wrong. I would try and kiss him but every time I did he would back up and say, “Minna’s a big girl now, Minna doesn’t want Papa to kiss her.” But I did. I wanted to know I wasn’t doing anything wrong and that I still had my father there to support me through this.  But I didn’t.

     Then one day people were coming to my house, car after car they pulled in, all asking if they were the ones. I was confused and sad and most of all scared. A couple days later a married couple came to my house and presented me with a blue parcel. They guided me to the car and before I could even wave goodbye we were gone. After that day I never saw my father again and for years I would wonder and blame the disengagement upon myself.

     When I was 16 years old my adopted parents told me what really happened to my father. When I close my eyes at night I often get visions of him disappearing under a shade of blue, indistinguishably the same shade of that of my parcel. And since then I’ve looked back at our memories as something I’ve dreamed of in hopes to forget the pain that it caused me. I try to tell myself that is wasn’t my fault but deep down I know I will always take the blame for our lamentable parting.

Burning House

I chose my Burning House as one of my wild cards because it shows something about me. The original assignment was to take a picture of ten or more things we would grab if our house was burning down, and write a list saying what the items are. I wanted this piece to accomplish showing who I am, I wanted someone to be able to look at the items and feel like they know something about me. The thing I like most about this piece is that I could incorporate my favorite and most prized possessions in one picture/list. I think this shows that as a writer I know myself and can easily express that. If I could revise this again I would most definetly put my parents in it; when doing this I kind of thought they could fend for themselves. 

Name: Alissa Gardenal

Age: 16

Location: Walnut Creek, California

Occupation: Student and softball player

Website: littlelissblog.wordpress.com


  • Polaroid pictures
  • Canon Camera
  • Rainbows
  • Gloves
  • Bat
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Sister
  • Phone
  • Backpack
  • Converse
  • Basketball
  • Polaroid camera

List of Lists

I chose my Lists of Lists as one of my wild cards because it shows a side of who I am and what I like. The original assignment was to make ten lists with a total of eighty-five items, we could either make our own lists or follow the worksheets ideas’. I wanted this piece to accomplish showing who I am through my bullet points, like an introduction. I like that I could really think about each category and find things I thought fit; I think this shows that as a writer I am capable of digging down and finding things to fit in my writing. If I could go back and revise this again I would change my categories and personalize them, I didn’t know we could make our own till after I turned it in. 

  1. Favorite sports teams…  
  • Warriors
  • Giants
  • Athletics
  • Sharks
  • 49er’s
  • Raiders


  1.   Places I would like to go…  
  • Paris
  • Italy
  • Hawaii
  • Caribbeans
  • Bahamas
  • Mexico
  • London
  • Rome
  • New York
  • Africa


  1. People that have influenced me…
  • My mother
  • My father
  • Jenny Finch
  • Willie McCovey
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Martin Luther King
  • Steph Curry
  • Grandparents
  • Sister p


  1. Places that make me happy…
  • Bullards Bar
  • Santa Cruz
  • Florida
  • Denver
  • Volcano
  • The snow
  • Beach
  • Lookouts
  • Berkeley
  • San Francisco  


  1. Things that worry me…
  • Losing my pets
  • Car accidents
  • My grades
  • Uncontrolled fire
  • Getting lost
  • Losing my keys
  • Breaking things
  • My attendance record
  • Misplacing wallet
  • Scary homeless people


  1.  Things I would like to know how to do…
  • Speak different languages
  • Be ambidextrous
  • Cook…well
  • Fix cars
  • Wake up in morning
  • Drive my boat
  • Solve a Rubiks cube
  • Walk on stilts
  • Play instrument
  • Start a bonfire  


  1. Things that have moved me…
    • Reading The Help
    • Family passing away
    • Nice text from my mother
    • My sister leaving
    • My Sister’s Keeper
    • Email from softball coach
    • Marley and Me
    • People’s suicides
    • Letter from my sister
    • Dead animals






  1. Idea’s that intrigue me…
  • Curing cancer
  • Flying
  • Good milkshakes
  • Vegan vs normal diet
  • Big words
  • Lacrosse vs hockey
  • Animal fights  
  • Fashion
  • Famous people
  • Healthy dieting  


  1. Things in people which I like…
  • Caring
  • Audacious
  • Funny
  • Sweet
  • Respectful of people
  • Understanding
  • Bold
  • Likes animals


  1. Things in which people I dislike…
  • Selfish
  • Dull
  • Rude
  • Overly confident
  • Insanely loud
  • Boring
  • Lying
  • Super quiet and shy
  • Rude to people/parents

Name Memoir

I chose this as my memoir piece because it’s a fun little story of my name! The original assignment was to write a memoir about our name and explain the story behind it, stories about it, nicknames, and anything that reflects our name.  I wanted this piece to accomplish telling my opinion of my name and proving the complications I believe come with it. The thing I like most about this piece is that it brings up my families reasoning of liking it and my own; I think this shows that as a writer I can bring different peoples’ emotions into a story without confusing people. If I had time to revise again I think I would focus on one thing as oppose to jumping around to different idea’s throughout the story. For example, I would focus on just my annoyance from the constantly incorrect spelling and pronunciations. 

When I was born my parents agreed upon the name Alissa: their reason being they though it was pretty and liked the different way it was spelled. Growing up I never put much thought into my name, but when I entered high school it started getting old. I had never saw my name as complicated, but it sure seemed like it was when someone tried reading my name, or tried to spell it at a restaurant. I have troubles with my own name sometimes too though, I tend to get lost in the middle every once and a while and add an extra S or L; this happens more than you would think. I wish my name was different because I would want a name that can easily be made into nicknames, so when you get tired of one name you can just move on to the next, it’s more interesting that way. The only nicknames I get are jokes, like Lissa Pissa/Kissa or Lissy. I would despise ever being called either of those if it wasn’t a joke. The one thing I like about my name is is that it is spelled differently, I think it looks better with the I and it’s more fun that way. However, the cons of having it spelled with an I is that it really throws people off. I’ve heard my name pronounced so many different ways that sometimes during attendance I can’t even tell if it’s supposed to be my name their saying. But my name fits me enough and I wouldn’t go through the hassle of changing it, especially because my parents made it. 

Cowboy VS. Clan

   I chose this fictional piece as my revision because it was the only one of my options I could find that had any sort of potential. The original assignment was to pick four colored cards, each containing either the setting, character, plot, or point of view. We then had to create a story using the cards we blindly chose. I wanted this piece to combine my four cards and successfully make a creative story that made sense. I like that I was able to combine such random things into one story that made a little bit of sense. This shows that as a writer I can put together a story despite the situation. If I could change one thing at all I would’ve completely changed the story in general. 

“Round ‘em up boys,” shouted Clan Leader Billy. Billy was in his late forties and cared for his clan very much. He was a heavy set man with a very deep voice.

    I carefully examined the way each cowboy drew the animals in and lassoed them in for themselves. This was always a talent I lacked, and living with cowboys, something I didn’t get away with. Every week I was sent out to learn to hunt, but no matter how many times I watched and tried I could never get it.

    People in my clan called me names like Tiny Tim and disrespected me greatly; they treat me like a young child and make fun of me any chance they get. It’s 6000 B.C.E. and living in Europe, the only thing anyone in this clan cares about is how many animals you bring home or how well you can widle with stone.

    I’m sixteen years old but could pull off being ten. I’m stick thin and the shortest kid in the clan. Stonecarving was for the tall, large, muscular kids because they need the strength to carry the stone and be able to chisel it perfectly into tools, which also takes precision. The year I was turning eleven, The last great stone carver passed away. We’ve been patiently waiting for the next great stone carver to come along, but so far we’ve still got no one.

    For now I’ve been working to be able to lasso in any animal, once I can do that I can worry about stonecarving.

    One morning I woke up and started my day like any other. Around noon I started feeling weird, I felt a strength inside of me that I have never felt before. I figured I would go and hunt with the clan to see if my lassoing had gotten any better.

    When we arrived to lassoing grounds I watched as people brought animal after animal in. I saw Johnny in the corner of my eye, he was wrestling in a big cow. Johnny had been the biggest bully in the clan since I was six years old, he was the same age as me but he looked much older. He was over 6 feet tall and weighed over 180 pounds, which was big for a plan; He was a little over six feet tall and weighed about 180 pounds, which was big for our clan. All the girls liked him and he walked around like he was king, because that’s how they treated him. Johnny rode over to me and sarcastically asked, “How many you reel in today?” knowing the answer was zero.

    I rolled my eyes and decided to try for myself, I located the closest animal I could find, which was a 200 pound cow, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I swung my rope around it, I got the cow around the neck and fought it in. I try to contain my cool and make it look like I had done it before. It felt good to prove Johnny wrong for once because I knew he saw what I had just done. We lassoed for an hour and when time was up we headed back. When it came time to counting our animals, I had caught the most and it threw everyone off guard.

    When I had returned to the clan, people of heard of my success and watched in awe as I rode to my hut. I had girls coming up to me and asking where I had learned my skills, all I could say was “it just came to me.” I had this energy running through me, it was like I could feel my power going through my veins. Since I was feeling so confident and strong after hunting I decided to go to the caves and try chiseling. Although I was never taught I had felt this strange feeling that I should try: it was as if I woke up with superpowers. As I made my way to the caves I found some leftover tools and spotted a solid stone. I took the stone and my tools to a boulder and sat on it as I attempted to widle a hammer: It sounded easy enough since I was just a beginner, and after what seemed like hours I had finally finished it. It was a masterpiece, my very first try and it looked like I’d been doing it my whole life. I was surprised, where did these superpowers come from? And why was I the one gifted with them? When I returned back to the clan I showed them what I had just done; after that they treated me with such respect I wasn’t used to it. I felt like Johnny because they treated me like I was God or something. I would go on to lasso and carve stone for many years and I was looked upon as a legend.

    I came to learn that the last great stone carver had lived an unfortunate first sixteen years just like me, before being given superpowers. I finally figured out why I received the powers, they are given to those in need.

Ten Ways to Look at Sports

I chose this poem as my collaborative writing because it was the only thing I had written with other people… The original assignment was to pass around our poem through the class and one person would write a single stanza about something in particular (like shape or time) about our subject. I wanted my piece to accomplish having every stanza complete in the form it was supposed to be. I like that this piece has different people writing each stanza so I can see how different people write and I think it’s interesting reading what other people are thinking and putting on my paper; this shows that as a writer I can easily collaborate with people and take their input. If I had time to revise again I would completely change my subject. My subject was hard to write about and didn’t make a very interesting poem. 

A simple thing

Out of so many

Sports are always there,

When nothing else may ever be

So many different types

Practice is like heaven for some

So special

The ball rolls

Through snow

Through leaves

It is winter sports season

We ran for 2 miles

Playing in the rain

Through the forest

Time is condensed

As 30 minutes seems like an eternity

As the game is on

As the final second ends

The stadium goes dark

And a sudden hush

Goes over the crowd

Who will win?

The outcome will reveal

As the games begin

The ball flies higher, higher

the circle momentarily

Blocking out the sun

Watching people hit

And others tackle

It seems entertaining

But why again is it?

A field, a stadium

Just a small area

In a big world