Cowboy VS. Clan

   I chose this fictional piece as my revision because it was the only one of my options I could find that had any sort of potential. The original assignment was to pick four colored cards, each containing either the setting, character, plot, or point of view. We then had to create a story using the cards we blindly chose. I wanted this piece to combine my four cards and successfully make a creative story that made sense. I like that I was able to combine such random things into one story that made a little bit of sense. This shows that as a writer I can put together a story despite the situation. If I could change one thing at all I would’ve completely changed the story in general. 

“Round ‘em up boys,” shouted Clan Leader Billy. Billy was in his late forties and cared for his clan very much. He was a heavy set man with a very deep voice.

    I carefully examined the way each cowboy drew the animals in and lassoed them in for themselves. This was always a talent I lacked, and living with cowboys, something I didn’t get away with. Every week I was sent out to learn to hunt, but no matter how many times I watched and tried I could never get it.

    People in my clan called me names like Tiny Tim and disrespected me greatly; they treat me like a young child and make fun of me any chance they get. It’s 6000 B.C.E. and living in Europe, the only thing anyone in this clan cares about is how many animals you bring home or how well you can widle with stone.

    I’m sixteen years old but could pull off being ten. I’m stick thin and the shortest kid in the clan. Stonecarving was for the tall, large, muscular kids because they need the strength to carry the stone and be able to chisel it perfectly into tools, which also takes precision. The year I was turning eleven, The last great stone carver passed away. We’ve been patiently waiting for the next great stone carver to come along, but so far we’ve still got no one.

    For now I’ve been working to be able to lasso in any animal, once I can do that I can worry about stonecarving.

    One morning I woke up and started my day like any other. Around noon I started feeling weird, I felt a strength inside of me that I have never felt before. I figured I would go and hunt with the clan to see if my lassoing had gotten any better.

    When we arrived to lassoing grounds I watched as people brought animal after animal in. I saw Johnny in the corner of my eye, he was wrestling in a big cow. Johnny had been the biggest bully in the clan since I was six years old, he was the same age as me but he looked much older. He was over 6 feet tall and weighed over 180 pounds, which was big for a plan; He was a little over six feet tall and weighed about 180 pounds, which was big for our clan. All the girls liked him and he walked around like he was king, because that’s how they treated him. Johnny rode over to me and sarcastically asked, “How many you reel in today?” knowing the answer was zero.

    I rolled my eyes and decided to try for myself, I located the closest animal I could find, which was a 200 pound cow, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I swung my rope around it, I got the cow around the neck and fought it in. I try to contain my cool and make it look like I had done it before. It felt good to prove Johnny wrong for once because I knew he saw what I had just done. We lassoed for an hour and when time was up we headed back. When it came time to counting our animals, I had caught the most and it threw everyone off guard.

    When I had returned to the clan, people of heard of my success and watched in awe as I rode to my hut. I had girls coming up to me and asking where I had learned my skills, all I could say was “it just came to me.” I had this energy running through me, it was like I could feel my power going through my veins. Since I was feeling so confident and strong after hunting I decided to go to the caves and try chiseling. Although I was never taught I had felt this strange feeling that I should try: it was as if I woke up with superpowers. As I made my way to the caves I found some leftover tools and spotted a solid stone. I took the stone and my tools to a boulder and sat on it as I attempted to widle a hammer: It sounded easy enough since I was just a beginner, and after what seemed like hours I had finally finished it. It was a masterpiece, my very first try and it looked like I’d been doing it my whole life. I was surprised, where did these superpowers come from? And why was I the one gifted with them? When I returned back to the clan I showed them what I had just done; after that they treated me with such respect I wasn’t used to it. I felt like Johnny because they treated me like I was God or something. I would go on to lasso and carve stone for many years and I was looked upon as a legend.

    I came to learn that the last great stone carver had lived an unfortunate first sixteen years just like me, before being given superpowers. I finally figured out why I received the powers, they are given to those in need.


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