6-Word Story

This is my short piece of writing; I chose this because it’s short and probably my most said phrase. The original assignment was to write a story of our life in six words. I wanted my story to actually exhibit a part of my life, and this was the most accurate thing I could come up with, considering I have softball seven days a week and am constantly cancelling plans because of it. I like that this piece is so applicable to my life and I think that once again it shows how I write realistically. If I could change anything I would honestly just change the punctuation because it looks weird with such little words. 

Sorry, I can’t; I have softball. 


Picture Poem

I used this as my piece of poetry because I like the way it rhymes. The original assignment was to pick a picture and write about what it makes us feel is happening in the picture. I wanted this piece to be able to be corresponded with it’s correct picture by just reading the poem. Since I accomplished this I would say that it shows as a writer that I am able to describe something without actually stating it. If I could revise this again I would make the mood the same throughout, I would change the beginning to sound more sad like the rest of the poem. 


At the end of the day

After working in the Bay

I hit the road

Leaving for my humble abode,


When I arrive

I need something to help me revive

I head quickly to the shower

Where I may be for the next hour

I rinse off all of today’s issues

So later there’s no need for tissues

I destress and reset

So in the morning I’m not upset

About everydays boring repetition

And my lack of ambition


This is why I end the day

With my own little getaway

Who knew a simple shower

Could give me such power

To keep me going

While I continue growing



The Untold Story of Rapunzel

For my 1st person narrative I chose my revised fairytale. This fictional story was changed by switching the narrator and looking at her point of view. The original assignment was to pick a fairytale and change the character, setting, or plot.I wanted this piece to prove the evil sorceress isn’t bad and to make her sound like the better person. The thing I like most about this piece is that I completely turned the story around, from Dame Gothel being evil to making her seem caring and selfless. This shows that as a writer I am capable of choosing characters proper emotions and actions to prove a point. If I had time to revise this again I would probably elaborate more on her reasoning for leaving the tower and cutting her hair and I would provoke more emotion from my character.  

     My name is Dame Gothel, more commonly known as the evil sorceress. The story of my dearest Rapunzel was falsely spread, framing me for being the evil one, when in reality, her real parents are truly to blame. Since you have all heard the fallacious story from their side of view, I must tell mine.

     It all began when I noticed my favorite plant, Rapunzels were starting to disappear from my garden. Since those plants took so much time and effort to grow I waited all day watching over my beloved garden in hopes to catch the daring trespasser. After waiting all day, a young man climbed over into my yard and started picking handfuls of my Rapunzels. After a stern conversation about stealing he agreed to this deal; in return for taking as many Rapunzels as he pleased he would hand over his wifes’ soon to come baby. So when his wife birthed the beautiful girl, he came over and gave me his baby with no discussion needed. After the fair trade I took great care of my flawless Rapunzel, for she was my only daughter and I loved her with every piece of my heart. To protect my only child from the dangers of outside and to control my fear of her leaving me, I kept her inside the castle that I had worked hard to make perfect for her. I ran all the errands and did anything she had asked, and she was always fine with this situation, until one day a young prince climbed up my tower and asked my gorgeous daughter to be his wife.

     First of all, who climbs into a random person’s tower after being intrigued by their voice, like that is trespassing can someone teach this prince some manners, second of all, why is he proposing to her after knowing her for five minutes, she could’ve been a murderer and he wouldn’t even know. Well anyway, this young man’s daring action caused Rapunzel to have an excessive desire to leave the castle and a secretive plan to run off with him without me knowing. Until one day it slipt, she asked me why I was so much harder to draw up than the king’s son; besides that detrimental insult, this was quite a surprise to hear that I was being deceived by my own daughter. And since I am overprotective of my darling Rapunzel, even through my anger, I did something to protect her. I got scissors and I cut off her hair because I thought that the prince was trying to find a way to kidnap my child for her magical hair. We then went to a place so deserted I thought no one could find her and use her for her powers. So when the prince had come back to the castle to try and take Rapunzel, I used her hair so he could climb up, and when he did I told her that she was gone. I didn’t mean to scare him away but he leapt from the tower and fell into a thorn bush, that is in no way possible my fault.

     Rapunzel, her newly born twins, and I lived happily in the deserted place where she was safe from people using her for her powers. After living there for several years the prince had heard a voice sounding awfully familiar, he followed the voice and it brought him back to Rapunzel. After we talked through the situation together I realized that he didn’t want her for her powers and agreed to their marriage. She cried tears of joy in her husband’s blinded eyes and they magically healed. We then lived in the castle happily ever after.

     Now that you have heard the true story of Rapunzel I hope you could please stop calling me the evil sorceress because I had done nothing evil except protect my own daughter.

Appointment With Love

This is my 3rd person narrative writen about a retired soldier and an older lady that wrote back and forth to each other not aware of each others’ indentidy. The assignment was to read the begining of the actual story and finish it with what we thought would happen. I wanted this piece to have the same outcome as the real story, unfortunately that didn’t happen. I like that this story took it’s own turn and ended more realistically, this shows that as a writer I am realistic rather than unpractical. If I could go back and change one thing I would probably change the ending and make them at least friendly with one another.  

As the two locked eyes, Blandford couldn’t decide if he had made a grave mistake or ceased a great fortune. The beauty within her words had truly no correlation with her physical appearance.

“May you be Lieutenant Blandford?” she asks, ever so politly.

“Yes, and you must be Hollis,” he replied.

“That’s me! Wow what a delight to meet you in person, I am truly surprised, your a bit younger than I expected…” she said as she looked him up and down.

“Yes, and as for you, your a tad older than I expected. I feel as though deceit is crawling through your words on the paper and the person I had fallen in love with was misleading me through writing. If you had only spoken of truth, beauty nor age would ever be a problem, but deep down I feel cheated and played,” Blandford expresses in a sad, defeated manner.

As she looked at him in utter surprise she quickly stammered, “I knew you would judge me too quick to give me a chance, for boy’s have no patience, but real men do, they can also see through people’s outer flaws to understand every individual.”

Blandford looked at her, turned and yelled, “I gave you chances, and all you had to do was reveal the truth, but you couldn’t.”

The two went their separate ways and Blandford felt more fear and isolation than he had that day in the Pack of Zeroes.


     This story is a piece of descriptive writing in which the emotion happiness is being described through a young child receiving ice cream. The original assignment was to pick an emotion and write about it without actually saying the word. I wanted this piece to accomplish having the correct emotion chosen. I like how it uses a real life situation to describe someone’s emotions instead of just throwing out synonyms till the person figures out the word; I think this shows that as a writer I like writing about realistic experiences rather than topics that don’t really apply to me. If I could change anything with this writing I would describe more about the ice cream shop and the little girl instead of only the emotion. 

     As the vibrant young child trotted through the entrance of an ice cream shop, little Susie began to look over each flavor, overjoyed with her wide-spread of options. As her ecstatic demeanor took over the building she gleefully asked the server for a scoop of her favorite ice cream flavor, Cotton Candy Bubblegum. Elated to receive her ice cream, Susie skips over, takes it, and says thank you in such a lighthearted manner that the server just looks down at her with a huge smile wrapped across her face. Waiting for her granny to pay, Susie, satisfied with her ice cream, sits excitedly for her to come sit. She lets Granny take the first bite, then buoyantly eats the rest. When she finishes, she becomes euphoric for  her next ice cream date with Granny!


Hi, my name is Alissa and I am currently a junior at Las Lomas High School, welcome to my blog! At this point in my life, as a writer I am taking a creative writing class and working to improve my stories and essays. I specifically enjoy writing and reading short stories and poems with rhyme schemes. I dislike stories that are hard to comprehend like Shakespeare and I also don’t like writing things like the Ten Ways poem. My strengths as a writer include, always having something to say and rhyming in poems. I have many weaknesses in writing, like always getting off topic, getting too wordy, and my stories not making sense. I always struggled at writing, so I took this class in hopes to fix that. When writing, I naturally start writing memoirs because it’s easy to come up with an old idea, and when you do, the whole story is already planned out for you. I think writing fictional pieces with no guidelines or starting point stretches me as a writer to dig deep and add details. I have learned that I can write if I try hard enough, I can reach down and find enough details and clean up the extra words. Writing is super important because I need to be able to write essays for my other classes and I may need it for jobs in the future, but overall it has a huge role in my life. In the future I would like to be a nurse, so my ability to write essays may not be super important but tools for writing other things, like reports, will come in handy. This creative writing class has helped my writing a bunch and has been lots of fun throughout the whole year.