Ten Ways to Look at Sports

I chose this poem as my collaborative writing because it was the only thing I had written with other people… The original assignment was to pass around our poem through the class and one person would write a single stanza about something in particular (like shape or time) about our subject. I wanted my piece to accomplish having every stanza complete in the form it was supposed to be. I like that this piece has different people writing each stanza so I can see how different people write and I think it’s interesting reading what other people are thinking and putting on my paper; this shows that as a writer I can easily collaborate with people and take their input. If I had time to revise again I would completely change my subject. My subject was hard to write about and didn’t make a very interesting poem. 

A simple thing

Out of so many

Sports are always there,

When nothing else may ever be

So many different types

Practice is like heaven for some

So special

The ball rolls

Through snow

Through leaves

It is winter sports season

We ran for 2 miles

Playing in the rain

Through the forest

Time is condensed

As 30 minutes seems like an eternity

As the game is on

As the final second ends

The stadium goes dark

And a sudden hush

Goes over the crowd

Who will win?

The outcome will reveal

As the games begin

The ball flies higher, higher

the circle momentarily

Blocking out the sun

Watching people hit

And others tackle

It seems entertaining

But why again is it?

A field, a stadium

Just a small area

In a big world




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