Name Memoir

I chose this as my memoir piece because it’s a fun little story of my name! The original assignment was to write a memoir about our name and explain the story behind it, stories about it, nicknames, and anything that reflects our name.  I wanted this piece to accomplish telling my opinion of my name and proving the complications I believe come with it. The thing I like most about this piece is that it brings up my families reasoning of liking it and my own; I think this shows that as a writer I can bring different peoples’ emotions into a story without confusing people. If I had time to revise again I think I would focus on one thing as oppose to jumping around to different idea’s throughout the story. For example, I would focus on just my annoyance from the constantly incorrect spelling and pronunciations. 

When I was born my parents agreed upon the name Alissa: their reason being they though it was pretty and liked the different way it was spelled. Growing up I never put much thought into my name, but when I entered high school it started getting old. I had never saw my name as complicated, but it sure seemed like it was when someone tried reading my name, or tried to spell it at a restaurant. I have troubles with my own name sometimes too though, I tend to get lost in the middle every once and a while and add an extra S or L; this happens more than you would think. I wish my name was different because I would want a name that can easily be made into nicknames, so when you get tired of one name you can just move on to the next, it’s more interesting that way. The only nicknames I get are jokes, like Lissa Pissa/Kissa or Lissy. I would despise ever being called either of those if it wasn’t a joke. The one thing I like about my name is is that it is spelled differently, I think it looks better with the I and it’s more fun that way. However, the cons of having it spelled with an I is that it really throws people off. I’ve heard my name pronounced so many different ways that sometimes during attendance I can’t even tell if it’s supposed to be my name their saying. But my name fits me enough and I wouldn’t go through the hassle of changing it, especially because my parents made it. 


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