Reaching for the Memories

I chose my Reaching for the Memories as one of my wild cards because it tells the reader something about myself. The original assignment was to pick three prompts and write about them. We were supposed to keep them decently short but still pack them with detail. I wanted this piece to accomplish showing who I am as a person and not as much a writer. The thing I like most about this piece is that it tells stories of my past and present in such a little amount of writing. This shows that as a writer I can express my thoughts and tell a story within a small amount of writing. If I could go back and change one thing it would be change my second story to a more interesting time of me driving; I can drive now, but I have plenty of good stories from when I was learning.   

#2 (A scene featuring you and your pet)

     One time when my dad came to check my sister and me out at Keyspot he brought our new puppy Scout. Scout still hadn’t had all of his shots so my dad was carrying him as I showed off my new pup to my friends. We made our way around the daycare and finally got to my best friend Kiki; Kiki was in love with Scout and didn’t want to stop petting him. After about five minutes of petting Kiki looked up and asked me and my dad how old he was, as soon as I replied back we looked down at Scout who was enjoying Kiki’s afternoon snack, a bagel. Immediately my father tugged at the leash and picked scout back up off of the crafts table as he yelled at him, “BAD DOG!! THAT”S A BAD BOY!” After the harsh disciplinary action of my father, Scout let out a little whimper and never even looked back at the bagel he had started to eat. Shortly after we all looked at each other laughing and joked around to Kiki about how I guess you can’t leave a bagel near a puppy…obviously.

Word count: 194


  #3 (An incident that happened when you were learning to drive)

     When I was fourteen I was jealous that my sister could drive, and I was losing patience waiting for my permit appointment. After many different attempts to convince my mom to let me drive she finally came up with a deal; since I’m clearly not a morning person, she said that if I got up at eight AM then we could go to Las Lomas and drive. With no trouble at all, I got up the next Saturday at eight AM sharp and waved her keys in her face saying, “ready?” She drove to Las Lomas and parked it right in the middle of a lane, we got out and switched seats, I looked at the wheel and pressed the gas pedal. It made a loud whewww sound and I realized I had to put it in drive first. After asking how to take it out of park my mom said, “the pedals are sensitive, just get used to the gas and the break before you go anywhere.” Doing as I was told I attempted pulsing the gas and the break, and let me tell you, it was a lot more sensitive than she had stated. A single tap of the gas and my tires burned out and the car leaped from its original starting point. As I tried to recover with the breaks I lightly pressed the sole of my foot to the pedal and we were tossed around our seats, the car had jerked itself to a complete stop. This went on for many more minutes until I almost ran into the cement wall and my mom agreed that we would try again another day. I would like to add that I have learned to drive and am reliable now!!! Knock on wood…

Word count: 295

#4 (What you were doing at 5:00 PM yesterday)

     Yesterday at 5:00 PM my sister and I were trying to get ready for my Grandparents and Aunt to come for Mother’s Day dinner. We were trying to bake a cake with custard and strawberries in the middle and fondant frosting on top. We had taken our cakes out of the oven, which were a little burnt on top, and working on the custard. We had been cooking our custard for about fifteen minutes wondering why it wasn’t thickening like the instructions said it would, we had finally given up and taken it off the heat, accepting the fact that the custard belonged in the trash and it wasn’t going to thicken. My sister was defeated and told me I needed to go to the store and go buy custard before I ruined the cake. I was refusing to give up however, I decided we were going to try the custard again but with a different recipe. Thankful for my tenacity, we finished the second attempt of custard with the perfect consistency, something we didn’t get out the first recipe. We assembled our cake and later ate it for dessert, it might not of been the best cake i’ve ever eaten but it was the thought that mattered.

Word count: 209


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