Allie’s Big Performance

I chose this fictional story as one of my wild cards because it was a fun assignment to complete. The original assignment was to write a children’s book for a child we were assigned. We met the kid once and got as much information as we could, then we got to writing. I wanted this piece to accomplish making the kid I gave it to happy. The thing I like most about this piece is that I actually created a book for a real kid… and the kid liked it! This goes to show that as a writer I can create a story based off of a persons likes and dislikes. If I could go back and revise one more time I would change the ending and make it less awkward, it doesn’t go together as well as I’d hoped. 

    There once was a beautiful young girl named Aly. Aly was 6 years old and loved ballet and skiing. She was super sweet and so brave, she was willing to take on any challenge.

     One day in early March, Aly and her family went up to their house in Truckee, California, so they could go snow skiing. Sadly, Aly had broken her arm just days before, so she had to figure out what she could do instead.

     When they arrived in Truckee, Aly’s family immediately went skiing and left her with a boring babysitter. She tried to think of what to do… All she could come up with was to read her book Ivy and Bean, and to play Mouse Trap and Geometry Dash, her two favorite games.

     But nothing could keep her entertained because she was too bored and couldn’t stop thinking about how badly she wanted to go skiing.

     Then, all of a sudden, Aly heard a helicopter, except this helicopter sounded awfully close. She looked outside her window and noticed that it landed right next to her house!

     As she sat and watched it land, a young familiar looking lady walked out. It was Taylor Swift, her favorite musician!

     Taylor walked up and knocked on her door. After answering it in shock, Aly stood there in awe.

     Taylor said, “Are you Aly?!”

     All Aly could mutter was, “Yes…” 

     Taylor immediately replied, “Great! Aly, I need your help. My backup dancer got hurt and I need you to dance at the Warriors halftime show with me! I heard you were the best ballerina out there and I was wondering if you could help me out and dance?”

     Aly excitedly jumped up and said, “Yes I would love to!”

      The two left in the helicopter and soon arrived outside the Warriors stadium. In the helicopter, Taylor tried teaching Aly the routine, it was long and confusing but she knew she could do it.

     After the first half, the Warriors were down 59-47. Taylor and Aly walked to the center of the court. Taylor then said, “Ok Aly, we got this, the Warriors need us to pump them up!”

     The music started and Aly leaped around and did the splits and the crowd watched in amazement! Thankfully for Aly, she was so smart and such a quick learner, she picked up the new routine and executed it with ease.

     She had an amazing performance and even Taylor was surprised by her moves.

     After Aly’s incredible routine she walked down to the players and gave them a little pep talk.

     She said, “Let’s go boys, finish up the game strong and give it your best shot.” The game went on and they started playing much better thanks to Aly.

     At the end of the game the Warriors won 98-83, and Aly’s sister Katie, her brother Parker, and her mom and dad came and surprised her with their cute dog, Douglas.

     She was so happy her family got to see her perform. She also got to meet all the players on the team and perform with Taylor Swift!

     She went home and had spaghetti with pizza on the side to celebrate!

     Later that night Taylor called and said, “Thank you so much for performing with me!      You were so amazing, even better than what I had expected! If you ever want to come perform with me again, you’re welcome to!”

   Aly replied, “Thanks for choosing me to help, I would love to perform with you again!” And with that she had herself a deal with Taylor Swift!

     After that conversation she got another phone call.

     She listened, “Hello?”

    “Hi Aly, it’s Steve Kerr, the manager for the Warriors. I just wanted to call and thank you for your amazing half time performance. I think you deserve court side tickets for the rest of the season so you and your family can come out and support the team, they really liked you!” said the man on the phone.

     Aly replied, “Thank you so much, I would love the tickets!”

     And with that she had herself courtside tickets for her and her family.

     After a long, fun day, Aly got into bed and thought to herself, “Wow what an incredible day!

The End


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