Hi, my name is Alissa and I am currently a junior at Las Lomas High School, welcome to my blog! At this point in my life, as a writer I am taking a creative writing class and working to improve my stories and essays. I specifically enjoy writing and reading short stories and poems with rhyme schemes. I dislike stories that are hard to comprehend like Shakespeare and I also don’t like writing things like the Ten Ways poem. My strengths as a writer include, always having something to say and rhyming in poems. I have many weaknesses in writing, like always getting off topic, getting too wordy, and my stories not making sense. I always struggled at writing, so I took this class in hopes to fix that. When writing, I naturally start writing memoirs because it’s easy to come up with an old idea, and when you do, the whole story is already planned out for you. I think writing fictional pieces with no guidelines or starting point stretches me as a writer to dig deep and add details. I have learned that I can write if I try hard enough, I can reach down and find enough details and clean up the extra words. Writing is super important because I need to be able to write essays for my other classes and I may need it for jobs in the future, but overall it has a huge role in my life. In the future I would like to be a nurse, so my ability to write essays may not be super important but tools for writing other things, like reports, will come in handy. This creative writing class has helped my writing a bunch and has been lots of fun throughout the whole year.



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